May 16, 2016



iOS (FREE*, iPhone)



The most visually appealing and feature-rich VATSIM traffic map has arrived for iPhone and is packed full with cool features!

View all online traffic in the VATSIM world with options to show detailed airport information for every airport in the AIRAC and of course, detailed routes* using Navigraph navigation data.

See controllers online all around the world using precise polygons drawn for each ATC centre controller and radar icons at the exact location of any local controller.

There has never been such an advanced map available for VATSIM users with such a great level of detail and VatTraffic is the first to offer this amazing combination of features in the palm of every user’s hands.

Preparing for takeoff or descent? Check the weather at your airport of choice using the built-in METAR view* and get easy access to wind, altimeter, visibility, and temperature as well as runway information within seconds!

* Route options, METAR view, ATC information, and departures/arrivals are only available on iPhone 5 and newer. May require in-app purchase.

* SID/STAR viewer only available on iPhone 6 and newer. Requires in-app purchase.