May 17, 2016


777 EFB (iPad) & VatTraffic (iPhone)

NOTE: If you are experiencing crashes after updating to version 2 of either 777 EFB or VatTraffic, or not seeing SID/STAR information, please reinstall the application. Core database changes have been made within the app and the best way to avoid any problems is to reinstall the application completely from the App Store.

How can I update the navigation data to the latest version?

To update the navigation data to the latest version from Navigraph, simply open 777 EFB or VatTraffic and click the “AIRAC xxxx” button in the bottom bar (where xxxx is the version you currently have installed). From there you can log in or create a FlightSim Solutions account and then enter the access code provided by Navigraph from your AIRAC purchase.

Obtaining the access code: on the Navigraph AIRAC download page ( scroll to “FlightSim Solutions *”, once logged in, click the “Access” button and open the downloaded text file. In that file there is an access code (31char) which you can enter in the application. Other access codes which are not meant for FlightSim Solutions products will not work within our apps.

Why isn’t my Navigraph access code being accepted by the app?

There could be a few reasons as to why the code isn’t being accepted by the app.

First, make sure you entered the full code (31 characters, case-sensitive).

If that wasn’t the problem, you may be trying to redeem an access code after the AIRAC cycle has ended. Access codes are limited to use only within the cycle they were purchased, for example, if you purchase a 1412 code from Navigraph, you may only redeem the code while the cycle 1412 is still active, not during the next cycle (1413).

If you’re still having problems, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Where did my other AIRAC cycles go? I only see cycle 1507 in my account.

You can only have access to the current cycle and up to three cycles back. This is a Navigraph policy which FlightSim Solutions follows and as a result you may notice that an older AIRAC you have purchased is no longer available for download within the app.

You will always have access to the default 1507 cycle no matter which cycle is the most recent one.

Help! I forgot my password and am locked out of my account!

If you forgot you password, simply open any app’s AIRAC page (either 777 EFB or VatTraffic) and click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen. From there you will be asked to enter your email address. Once you’ve entered that and clicked “Reset Password”, the password reset link has been sent and can now be used (one-time use only).

I forgot my username/email address on the account, what should I do?

If you forgot your username or email address on the account, send us an email using the contact form below with your name and the data you do know (username or email) and we will try our best to respond within 48 hours with the missing information.

NOTE: We cannot access your passwords in the database, only email addresses and usernames.

How can I report a bug or request a new feature?

Your feedback is valued! If you’d like to report a bug or request a new feature, please contact us using the form below. While we can’t respond to each and every email we receive, we will read it and consider all feedback.

For bug reports, please include your device model, iOS version, internet connection (Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE) as well as the steps to reproduce this bug. Attaching screenshots may also help us in solving the problem faster (depending on the type of bug).