May 16, 2016

777 EFB


iOS ($1.99, iPad)



The first electronic flight bag for iOS has arrived!

Featuring the most advanced and feature-packed air traffic map for virtual online traffic on iOS, 777 EFB delivers an ultimate experience comparable to real-world EFBs.

The EFB includes other amazing features like a gorgeous world traffic map with detailed routes of online traffic, interactive normal and non-normal procedures and checklists, chart and document viewer (user-uploaded), and much more!

View virtual online traffic and ATC around the world using the built-in world traffic map. Tapping on any aircraft will reveal the flight’s details as well as the option to see the aircraft’s exact route (using Navigraph data). Tapping on an air traffic controller displays the frequency on which the controller is broadcasting – so no more scrambling to find frequencies while flying online! You can add any aircraft as a friend to always be aware of when they’re online.

Included is a ‘Friends Online’ widget which lets you easily check which of your friends are online, their callsign, and their departure/arrival airports.

New in version 2.0.0 is a SID/STAR viewer. For every airport in the Navigraph database installed, you can now view all the Standard Instrument Departures and Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures without ever opening a chart! The interactive SID/STAR viewer includes waypoint restrictions, approach patterns, transitions, and go-around information.

The world map uses Navigraph navigation data to display precise routes for each aircraft with exact positions for airways, fixes, and navaids (VOR + NDB). You can keep up to date with AIRAC cycles by purchasing the latest cycle from Navigraph and entering the access code within the app to unlock the current cycle.

The interactive non-normal procedures + checklists menu saves every pilot from scrambling through huge QRH documents looking for the right procedure to do in the event something should go wrong. Simply open the non-normal procedures menu and navigate your way through the simple menu titles to find the right checklists to complete. All checklists (normal and non-normal) are completely interactive, letting you, the pilot, keep track of what to do next.

Coupled with all these great features comes the flight documents viewer which lets you upload your FCOMs, QRH, and FCTM directly into the app! Reading through the thousand-paged FCOM manuals has never been as exciting as it is now on the iPad’s gorgeous display!

***** DISCLAIMER: This app is intended for flight simulation purposes only and should not be used in any way for real-world aviation. *****